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One-Plate® in the News

One-Plate® has been recognized by the leading publications in the EN industry since One-Plate® was invented and with each additional innovation of the single component EN technology.  The unique features of One-Plate® have also been highlighted at metal finishing conferences around the world. 

Making EN-PTFE Plating Cheaper, Easier, and More Environmentally Friendly

Products Finishing Magazine - September 2021

Innovation Squared - Single Component EN System Enables Bleed and Feed Process

Products Finishing Magazine - April 2021

Electroless Nickel Baths Get Simpler

Products Finishing Magazine - October 2017

Products Finishing Innovator

May 2016

One-Plate® Now Available On

One-Plate® Electroless Nickel is now available for sale on Amazon and other ecommerce websites thanks to Caswell Plating of Lyons, NY. Caswell is famous for its convenient kits for electroless nickel and many other varieties of plating solutions. They have recognized that single component One-Plate® solutions are the easiest for consistent quality EN plating. STI is pleased that Caswell is making multiple varieties of One-Plate® available to its customers on Amazon,, Etsy, and other websites including their own

EN 2022 Conference

Indianapolis, IN - October 2022

Twelve of the One-Plate® Suppliers of North America were pleased to be a gold level supporter of this important electroless nickel industry event.  Technical information about the benefits of single component EN was featured prominently at the conference.


One-Plate Article

Canadian Finishing & Coatings Magazine

March/April 2023 

Decreasing EN Plating Costs with a Single-Component Solution

Products Finishing Magazine

August 2023

One-Plate Makes Golf Club Plating Easy

YouTube Video by Brad Meehan

November 2023

Tech Talk - Finishing & Coating

Video Interview on the Growth of One-Plate®

July 2024

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