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Testimonials by Platers Using One-Plate®

"I loved the one component of it, but what really hooked me after we ran it was the brightness that was maintained, and actually improved, over the life of the bath.  One-Plate is really a plug-and-play product, and we are very happy doing it that way"

Michigan, USA - 1,000 gallon tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos, PTFE

"One-Plate passed all qualifications and plates at a faster rate than our old bath.  We've had nothing but good experiences with One-Plate"

California, USA - 3 x 200 + 2 x 100 gallon tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos

"Its easy to work with and works great.  We are very happy with One-Plate.  No longer need to test for hypo, and no need to make extra adds to the baths"

California, USA - 220 gallon tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos

"We have been using Surface Technology's One-Plate Electroless Nickel system in our PTFE-EN, our Boron Nitride-EN, and our High Phosphorus EN for well over a year now.  We have found the system to be extremely easy to use with only one component to make up and the same component to add back.  Once you add in the robustness of performance of this system, you have a paradigm shifting winner!  For instance, our One Plate PTFE-EN bath was in the tank for over a year and more than 5 MTOs before having to be changed out.  That is more than double competitor baths!

New York, USA - 260 gallon tanks - Mid Phos, PTFE, BN

"The single component makes my job so much easier.  Faster replenishments and more productive"

New Jersey, USA - 650 gallon tanks - Mid Phos

"Simplicity!  Since One-Plate is a one component system, it has helped us with bath inventory control. With the prior 3 component system, we often ran into an issue where we were low on one of the three components, while we had plenty of the others.  Hauling in one or two components at a time is expensive"

Texas, USA - 400 gallon tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos

"We are using One-Plate - Mid Phos regularly in our one of the shops.  We are getting very good results.  The advantages over our present chemistry are a consistent bright finish irrespective of bath turn over."

India - 800 liter tanks - Mid Phos, PTFE, BN

"We like One-Plate very much and can't imagine any improvements needed to the product"

Israel - 150 liter tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos, Black EN, PTFE, BN, Diamond

"Our shop switched to One-Plate over a year ago.  Aside from all the obvious benefits of one component, it is saving time and money by increasing our production and quality, and we are able to get more customer jobs done in a day so customers are happier too."

Ohio, USA - 200 gallon tanks - Mid Phos

"We have been using One Plate Electroless Nickel for over 3 years. The ease of keeping track of the chemicals has helped us. There is no more of making up a new bath and finding out you are 2 gallons short of “B”. The cost of making up a new bath is the same as using the bath, so it is much simpler to decide when to get rid of an old bath. There are a few novel ways to get more life out of this one part bath. The support from our supplier and the manufacture is outstanding. We would prefer our competition not to use this bath. Deposits very coincident the whole  bath life. We have found it to be very good when we look at how it fits into our COGs. Using this product has reduced our overall COGs for this process."

Wisconsin, USA - 150 and 700 gallon tanks - Low Phos, Mid Phos, High Phos

"I feel bad for the people that do the old fashioned three step systems.  Our One-Plate runs 50 hours per week.  It is a workhorse and it simplified the process so much that any employee can run it.  We used to need a chemist.  One-Plate solved problems we didn't even know we had.  We are now saving on every aspect of the process."

Manitoba, Canada - 1800 liter tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos

"We have decided that we are going to begin converting all our baths over to One-Plate as new make-ups are required. We have been doing business together for a very long time and value Miles Chemical as a supportive, honest, and reliable supplier. This has been a tough decision for us since we have been with another supplier for twenty plus years, but One-Plate performed at the top of the class along with the support from Miles."

California, USA - 100 and 200 gallon tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos

"A heck of a lot easier to use."

Texas, USA - 3,000 and 1,200 gallon tanks - Mid Phos, High Phos, PTFE, Silicon Carbide

"The biggest benefit we see regarding plating rate is the consistency of the rate. Being one component, the rate is much more consistent, and this really helps with meeting tight tolerance plating thicknesses. We see less defects like blisters, pullback, skip plating, etc. due to imbalance of components. Less errors made by lab technicians (analysis and additions).Lower bath make-up cost and easier bath make-up. Adding only one component simplifies new bath make-ups. One component ENi takes up less real estate in our already tight chemical storage and it is easier to track inventory of one component vs. three components. Overall, much happier using one component ENi. Switching to one component ENi has reduced downtime and rejects/defects.I t is easier to use, analyze, order and stock."

Canada - 700 liter tanks - High Phos

"We like the product, stocking one component is easier than stocking 3, bath make up is easier.  Quality is more consistent, mainly based on the brightness level remaining good thru out the life of the bath. This bath is brighter than our prior one. Plating rate doesn't slow down as much as our prior bath after several turns.  Cost of the bath was a savings when we started using it.  Along with the easier bath make up, all additions to the bath are easier and less chance for imbalance. The PH of the bath is much more consistent than our prior vendors, and has reduced the amount of ammonium consumption, and easier waste treat as a result. Your bath is more stable with less plate outs, than our prior bath. Overall, we are very pleased with the bath."

Wisconsin, USA - Mid Phos

"We have seen the following:

  1. Faster plating rate 

  2. Shorter time between loads 

  3. Higher productivity 

  4. Lower bath make up cost

  5. Easier to order than three components

  6. Easier to stock than three components

  7. Happier platers"

Kansas, USA - Mid Phos, High Phos

" One-Plate is a very stable solution and process.  It is easier and comfortable to use one product than three.  We like the simple logistics and shorter time to analyze the process"

Israel - Mid Phos, High Phos

"Here are the factors we are satisfied with.  More consistent quality, longer bath life, less waste"

Taiwan - Mid Phos

" We have been running trials on the 2001 high hypo one-plate.  Since the make-up of the bath, we have been overall impressed.  The ease of the make-up and the startup were spot on, meaning it just took off without any issues.  The first test samples out of the bath looked great, smooth, uniform, bright based on the substrates, the heavy build looked to be satisfactory, the base line phosphorus content (10.75%) as deposited was also impressive for a 0 MTO startup plate."

Illinois, USA - Mid Phos, High Phos

"This stuff is amazing"

Florida, USA - 150 Gallon Tanks - Mid Phos

" So far the bath seems to be holding. I have had no complaints from the operator, I was actually surprised when she told me that she is liking it.  She has been in the plating industry for over 30 years, so to hear her say she likes it, trust me, it’s a good thing."

Pennsylvania, USA - 100 Gallon Tanks - Mid Phos

"Start up with One-Plate was great.  We're getting wonderful results with this bath"

Massachusetts, USA - 120 Gallon Tanks - Mid Phos

" It was always a little bit of a challenge with three components.  It is so much easier now with just a single component for more quality and consistency."

Lenexa, Kansas, USA - 110 Gallon Tanks - Mid Phos, Diamond

"The initial testing we’ve done so far has been very successful.  We are getting very comparable results to our current bath in terms of coating thickness, plating time, etc.  We found that the One-Plate® is much more aesthetically pleasing in terms of it have more luster it has.  We saw this as a huge benefit and positive first steps with the project."

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Mid Phos

" Our plater loves the One-Plate.  He had a grin ear to ear the first time he tried it.  The coating is incredibly bright. It looks like nickel chrome."

Lexington, Kentucky, USA - 150 Gallon Tanks - Mid Phos

"I have been using One-Plate 1001Q (Mid Phos) and 3001Q (Low Phos) for close to 3 months now and only have amazing things to say. The setup is easier than anything I’ve used before, and the plating rate is phenomenal. This is by far the fastest, easiest, and most efficient electroless nickel product on the market. Michael and Doan are extremely helpful and answer all questions asked in a timely manner. They do onsite visits to ensure the product is working properly and help setup to get maximum efficiency. The finish is beautiful, and I have had no issues thus far."

Patterson, New Jersey, USA - Low Phos, Mid Phos

" Having no nickel plating experience but looking to fill a niche in the market in our are we decided on one plate. We obviously made the right choice. The idea having one plate vs a 3 component en line seemed like a no brainer. Titrate and add from the tote. Doesn’t get much simpler."

Arnegard, North Dakota, USA - 700 Gallon Tanks - High Phos

"We are very satisfied with Surface Technology's products and services. Currently we have been using  the EN+PTFE One-plate, easy to operate, stable, long service life and meets all the requirements demanded by our customers. Thank you Surface Technology!!"

São Bernardo do Campo - SP, Brazil - Mid Phos, PTFE

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